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Experience our holiday world at first hand, whether cycling, hiking, Nordic walking, riding, jogging, skating or simply strolling around and enjoying your surroundings. The central location of Südlohn in the Westmünsterland/ Achterhoek resort region promises boundless enjoyment on your holiday.
Get out and about and discover the region. You can experience the nature, culture, curiosities and proverbial hospitality of the region using diverse maps and information material and on a variety of themed routes.
In addition to official Borken district cross-border cycling maps (€ 6.80) and route node maps for the Achterhoek No. 10 and 22 (from € 7.95), interesting themed routes are also available. Cross-border maps, continuous signposting and the right travel guides make your holiday and route planning easy.
Cycling routes F1 - F23 and the 100 Castle Tour pass directly by our hotel.

Tickets are available from:

SOMIT Südlohn-Oeding
Marketing Information und Touristik e.V.
Winterswyker Str. 8
46354 Südlohn

Telephone: 02862 / 417626
Fax: 02862 / 418105

The routes:

Flamingo Route ...nature, cycling and hiking guide
Discover the beautiful nature and culture of the frontier region between Germany and the Netherlands, with the most northerly flamingo colony in Europe, tranquil villages and bustling towns and important European nature reserves with broad moors, heaths and wetland meadows. A network of more than 450 kilometres of signposted cycle tracks and over 50 kilometres of hiking paths leads you through a landscape rich in attractions and interest. Information boards will direct you on your way, with visitor pavilions providing details of local nature, geology, culture and history. Cycling and hiking guide with cycle map: € 9,80.

Shacktour...nature & culture
Südlohn and Oeding are well worth experiencing… and this is expressed in the title of our local cycle and hiking route. Signposts along the 37.5 km long route (including 4 section routes) will help you experience the uniqueness of our community. Do you know why the Ossenschloge road bears this name, or where the oldest wayside shrine in the community is located? Or do you know why the churches in Südlohn und Oeding are so significant in art history? This and much, much more is explained on a map with a total of 27 points of interest. You can of course take a break on your journey and rest for a while in one of the little chalets (Hütten) dotted along the route, or enjoy our gastronomic delights in our inns and restaurants.

Download map [2.212 KB]

agri cultura cycle route ...experience our rural culture
Although the bicycle had not yet been invented, the original inhabitants of Münsterland had already thought of cycle tracks. Where Münsterland farmers once settled hundreds of years ago, an agri cultura cycle route today stretches across the border between fields and meadows. The crafts and traditions of the region can be experienced along this almost 500 km long signposted route, and wooden clogs straight from the manufacturer, Westphalian ham obtained directly from the farmer or a freshly distilled "Münsterländer Korn" schnapps can be enjoyed during the next cycling break. Experience the culture of the countryside – and experience the boundlessness of rural culture!

Route guide incl. map: € 7,80

Achterhoek-Westmünsterland river landscape
Whether you want to try a bicycle or boat or take a walking tour - numerous new experiences are just waiting to be discovered in this border landscape along the Aa, Berkel, Schlinge and Ijssel rivers. Not to be missed are the many ancient towns with their rich cultural heritage. Simply follow the course of these rivers by bicycle. There are seven new circular cycle tracks along four different rivers which take visitors on a circuit tour. A very special feature, and a unique attraction in Europe is the wonderful ease with which tracks can be linked at transfer points to create longer cycle tours.

Route guide incl. map € 7.80 (D/NL) (unfortunately not in englisch)

The Kommiesenpatt ...historic border paths used by customs officers and smugglers
The Kommiesenpatt (Kommiesen are customs officers in Lower German dialect) reminds visitors of the Bulro Convention signed in the Abbey of Mariengarden in 1765, a peace agreement of great significance for our region. The route takes you on a journey on both sides of the frontier along several paths formerly used by customs officers and smugglers, leading you to many of the 186 boundary stones which still exist today. You will experience our unique culture and natural beauty in this manner, while simultaneously learning interesting details of our common history. This informative brochure contains detailed routes to the main cycle tracks and the four circular hiking paths (also partly laid out as cycle tracks)

Download Kommiesenpatt-brochure [2.858 KB]

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